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Robert Proulx, retired engineer

Member of the Board of Directors

Richard BASTIEN, Major-général (ret.) OMM, MSM, CD, MBA, Ing., ICD.D

Membre du conseil d'administration

Denis Moreau, retired engineer M.Sc.

Vice President Technology Development

Following a busy military career, Richard has filled several key positions in the industry. He was CEO of two dynamic and innovative SMEs; a start-up and one established for 15 years. He also held the position of VP Business Development for a large company. In addition, as a consultant, he advised seven companies wishing to do business with the federal government. In 2008, he broadened his knowledge of corporate governance by successfully completing the Corporate Director course offered by McGill. He has since filled several corporate director positions. In all of these activities, Richard has applied his skills in leadership, diplomacy, public affairs, engineering and management.
A graduate in mechanical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, he began his military career as a fighter pilot. He quickly rose through the military ranks, completed an MBA, and broadened his knowledge and skills by brilliantly executing many key management and command positions. He has often represented Canada in Europe, North and South America, Africa and even Australia. Perhaps his most eloquent post abroad is that of Canadian Defense Attaché to the United Kingdom and Ireland. He ended his career as Deputy Commander of Canada's Air Force, a complex organization of over 18,000 people and an annual budget of over two billion dollars.

Robert Proulx has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of engineering and telecommunications during which he has participated in the development of several companies. Prior to the sale of Groupe Xit to Maskatel and as Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Xit, Mr. Proulx was able to push the company three times in the list of the fastest growing companies in Canada as published by Profit 200 magazine. In addition, Robert Proulx was the recipient of the prestigious CANARIE IWAY Award for his contribution to the development of broadband networks in Canada in 2001 and was a finalist at the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Awards. 2007. In addition to the creation of Xit telecom and Xittel telecommunications, Mr. Proulx was at the origin of the creation of several companies including: Network, TACTIC, etc.

Jean Bernier, Ph.D.

President Founder

Jérôme Robbins

Designer Developer

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