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Robert Proulx, retired engineer

Member of the Board of Directors

Nicolas Bastien

Vice President Business Development

Denis Moreau, retired engineer M.Sc.

Vice President Technology Development

Robert Proulx has nearly 40 years of experience in the field of engineering and telecommunications during which he has participated in the development of several companies. Prior to the sale of Groupe Xit to Maskatel and as Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Xit, Mr. Proulx was able to push the company three times in the list of the fastest growing companies in Canada as published by Profit 200 magazine. In addition, Robert Proulx was the recipient of the prestigious CANARIE IWAY Award for his contribution to the development of broadband networks in Canada in 2001 and was a finalist at the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Awards. 2007. In addition to the creation of Xit telecom and Xittel telecommunications, Mr. Proulx was at the origin of the creation of several companies including: Network, TACTIC, etc.

As a computer and political passionate, Mr. Gagnon began his career in 1997 as a board member of the Association des Jeunes Parlementaires de l'Estrie. Two years later, as President, the Association breaks records for funding and participation. His path will eventually bring him to Montreal where he will continue his studies in computer science. Desiring to pursue his passion and make a difference in his community, he joins the Qualicode Software Inc. team. in 2002 as a programmer-analyst. With his insight and his desire for growth, he will be appointed deputy director of development in 2006, then director of development in 2008. Seeing the potential of the company and with its experience as a director, in 2009  he decides to invest more and become a partner of the company as shareholder and member of the board of directors. Since then, as Vice-President Production, Mr. Gagnon has contributed to the success of the company, notably by completing the rewriting of applications in new technologies and by the implementation of a collaborative platform. of digital exchanges for the Quebec health network

Lise Lalande, B.Ps.

Development Advisor for the virtuel assistant

Pierre Gagnon

Member of the Board of Directors

Jean Bernier, Ph.D.

President Founder

Jérôme Robbins

Designer Developer

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