Delay or even prevent the institutionalization of your elders, call SoftBiomed®.

SoftBiomed® is an emerging company in the field of information technology. It aims to become THE LEADER of assistance to elders to foster their home support.

We understand your needs and develop appropriate solutions

Focus on Technology

SoftBiomed® develops and distributes applications intended mainly to ensure the autonomy, comfort and safety of older people.

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® SoftBiomed is a registered trademark of Soft Biomed Ltd.

Our mission:
Give any person with a loss of autonomy mainly due to advancing age, their families, caregivers and even clinicians, innovative solutions using new technologies to: - ensure the security of people - to delay their transfer in institutions - reassure relatives -  facilitate communication with their parents - make sure that the person with reduced autonomy ensures its basic needs - break the isolation, etc.

Our expertise:
The software products developed on tablet and smartphone by SoftBiomed are of the last generation and proven usability in order that a person with an advanced loss of autonomy can use them without problems. They are also designed to bind to existing devices.