At home for a long time with

Unprecedented tools

No more complicated remotes!
One button, a voice command and Hop! their choice is made,

  • you see them on the screen;
  • they chose the TV station ....

For seniors

SoftBiomed® is developing comprehensive, user-friendly, and personalized solutions that support seniors to enable them to remain at home longer.

® SoftBiomed is a registered trademark of Soft Biomed Ltd.

For people with limited autonomy
Several products developed by SoftBiomed® will be useful to anyone with cognitive or functional impairment.

SoftBiomed put technology at the service of seniors

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Also, and mainly for family caregivers

You want to avoid as long as possible institutionalization.
You would like:

  • ensure the safety of your parents;
  • contact them visually;
  • overcome their isolation.

You feel guilty for not being able to visit more often.
You think they need assistance, they lack entertainment.

SoftBiomed® products will meet all your concern.