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For people with limited autonomy
Several products developed by SoftBiomed® will be useful to anyone with cognitive or functional impairment.

SoftBiomed put technology at the service of seniors

Also, and mainly for family caregivers

You want to avoid as long as possible institutionalization.
You would like:

  • ensure the safety of your parents;
  • contact them visually;
  • overcome their isolation.

You feel guilty for not being able to visit more often.
You think they need assistance, they lack entertainment.

SoftBiomed® products will meet all your concern.

At home for a long time with

Unprecedented tools

  • No keyboard (icons only);
  • Everything on one home screen;
  • A dedicated tablet to avoid getting lost on the web
  • An app to download for those who have their own tablet
  • Security notifications, confirmations or alerts to loved ones​

Toll free phone number:

1 833 583-ADel (2335)

For seniors

SoftBiomed® is developing comprehensive, user-friendly, and personalized solutions that support seniors to enable them to remain at home longer.

® SoftBiomed is a registered trademark of Soft Biomed Ltd.

The ADel* Electronic Home Assistant is a mobile technology (Web Application) developed to support the elderly and people with limited autonomy so that they can remain independent at home longer. Adel is designed to create a personalized support network around the person being supported. ADel indeed allows:

  • Make and receive videophone calls with relatives;
  • Order meals or services;
  • It includes a smart electronic diary for reminders to take medication, for appointments, etc.;
  • It also has an alert button that sends a text message to loved ones when activated; the alert can be activated on the screen or via a panic button worn by the senior, which is also a fall detector.

​For the elder ADel is a dedicated tablet while it is an application to download for loved ones.

The primary caregiver can configure the profile of the supported person remotely by adding contacts, managing their calendar, requesting confirmation of actions, etc. The current version (Discovery Plan) is free but il only allows video communication between people who are members of ADel. To have access to all ADel functions, call us or e-mail us to suscribe to the "Profit Plan". 

Also order your pre-assembled ADel Tablet.

* Available only on Android for the moment

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